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I have an interest in the social side of the Second World War including the pre-war preparations and the post-war recovery. I have been collecting some of the pampthlets produced during the period 1935-1950 by the HMSO to feed my interest. Even though many of them are white propaganda of one form or another, they do make interesting reading.

In order to be more rigorous in my hobbie I decided to put togather a list of books as specified in the official monthly HMSO catalogues (and other indexes) so I could find out whats behind all those other numberical SO-Codes which I dont yet Have. I extracted the items whose titles relate to the war and any social aspects although the breadth of my choices gradually expanded as I reached the later years.

There are many series of items which I will condence over time. I have also included many books from other agencies in the post-war period which were distributed by HMSO but not published by them (eg, United nations).

In order to make the data more accessible I am gradually going through the books and extracting out any organisations and people (early days) and taking the opportunity to republish as eBooks. This will allow people to find out what books reference those entities. I have applied a home made category to each book to divide them up into interesting groups. Eventually I am proposing to index the data for searchability but that is awaiting funding.

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