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Foreign Governments (18) Government Ministries (660) Government Offices (340) Military Government Ministries (754) Other Institutions (115) Scottish Ministries (20)
Name Description #books
Board Of Education Description TBD28
Board Of Trade Description TBD225
Law Officers' Department Description TBD14
Ministry Of Agriculture And Fisheries Description TBD29
Ministry Of Education Description TBD23
Ministry Of Food Description TBD14
Ministry Of Health Description TBD32
Ministry Of Information Description TBD120
Ministry Of Labour Description TBD1
Ministry Of Labour And National Service Description TBD97
Ministry Of Production Description TBD1
Ministry Of Pensions Description TBD2
Ministry Of Supply Description TBD1
Ministry Of Transport Description TBD6
Ministry Of Town And Country Planning Description TBD4
Ministry Of Works And Buildings Description TBD6
Ministry Of Works And Planning Description TBD5
Ministry Of Works Description TBD52