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Description These images have been accessed from a multitude of unverified online sources which are unable to provide permission hence have been restricted to private access only.
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Im Name Issued By Category Catalogue Date
logo Britain Can Make It Exhibition: Catalogue. Council Of Industrial Design Culture after the War Nov/1946
logo Civil Defence Training Pamphlet No. 1. Notes on the Detection and reporting of Unexploded Bombs, Addendum No.2, Nov 1944. German Long-Range Rocket Ministry Of Home Security Training for Air Raid Protections Nov/1944
logo Origins and Purpose. A Handbook on the British Commonwealth and Empire. (Prepared by the Empire Information Service). Revised, July 1946. Central Office Of Information Information on the Empire Nov/1946
logo Works of Art in Malta - Losses and Survivals in the War. British Committee On The Preservation And Restitution Of Art Culture after the War Sep/1946