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NameHow Hitler Made The War
CategoryStrategy prior to War
DepartmentMinistry Of Information
Issued Fornone
Published Nov/1939
Size13.5 x 21
Descriptionhis book tells the inner story as told in the Foreign Office telegrams and documents abridged from the Blue Book and Sir Nevile Henderson's Final Report from the Prague crisis of March 1939 to the outbreak of the war on the 3rd September 1939.
Organisations referenced
People referenced
Glossary referenced
Berlin Sportpalast Beck, Józef
British Empire Bismarck, Otto Eduard Leopold
Foreign Office Blomberg, Werner Fritz von
German Army Burckhardt, Carl Jacob
House of Commons of the United Kingdom Chamberlain, Arthur Neville
House of Lords Forster, Albert
League of Nations Goebbels, Joseph
Nazi Party Göring, Hermann Wilhelm
Royal Institute of International Affairs Hácha, Emil
Henderson, Sir Nevile Meyrick
Himmler, Heinrich
Hitler, Adolf
Kennard, Sir Howard William
Kirk, Alexander Comstock
Leopold III, King of Belgium
Maria, Wilhelmina Helena Pauline
Mussolini, Benito
Neurath, Konstantin Hermann Karl Freiherr von
Norton, Clifford
Pacelli, Eugenio Maria Giuseppe Giobanni
Piłsudski, Józef
Ribbentrop, Joachim von
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Schmidt, Paul Karl
Shepherd, Gerald
Weizsäcker, Ernst Freiherr von
Wood, Edward Frederick Lindley