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NameThe Army at War. They sought Out Rommel. A Diary of the Libyan Campaign
CategoryAction on Land
DepartmentMinistry Of Information
Issued ForWar Office
Published Jun/1942
Size12 x 18.5
DescriptionThis book is a diary, kept from Nov. 16th to Dec. 31st, 1941, by a Public Relations Officer whose job it was to conduct a party of newspaper correspondents into battle. It includes some maps to illustrate the phases which have been enhanced with colour to make them clearer. One of his party writes: 'I saw' are fine words for the newspaper man ... This time we certainly saw ...; saw Rommel's tank force charging our positions at Sidi Omar and destroyed by a handful of British gunners; saw thousands of vehicles charging into Libya like destroyers in smoke-screens; saw the link with Tobruk decisively established, saw the Poles beginning to redress their wrongs; saw the Indian Brigade chase the enemy fifty miles in one day; saw the shambles on Derna aerodrome; saw the entry into Benghazi. And that our little party of war correspondents was able to see what watching civilisation so hungrily desired to read was largely due to the zeal, foresight, courage and energy of our conducting officer, Captain Sean Fielding of the Green Howards, the writer of this diary.
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Glossary referenced
11th Hussars (Prince Albert’s Own) Anderson, Godfrey H.P. 155 mm Long Tom
11th Indian Infantry Brigade Ashwood, Terry Aerodrome
1st Infantry Division (South Africa) Bayliss, Fred W. Anti-aircraft warfare
22nd Armoured Brigade Beith, John Hay Anti-tank warfare
2nd Infantry Division (South Africa) Brewer, Sam Pope Army Captain
2nd New Zealand Division Brooke, John Warden Army Second Lieutenant
32nd Army Tank Brigade Capell, Richard Artillery
4th Armoured Brigade Churchill, Winston Battalion
4th Infantry Division (India) Clifford, Alexander G. Bedford Vehicles
4th Royal Tank Regiment Crisp, Robert James BL 6-inch 26 cwt howitzer
5th Infantry Brigade (South Africa) Cunningham, Sir Alan Gordon Boche
6th Rajputana Rifles Denny, Harold Bomber
7th Armoured Division Graziani, Rodolfo, 1st Marquis of Neghelli Bren Gun
Anti-Aircraft Command Halton, Matthew Brigade
Bofors AB Jacob, Harold Alaric Brigadier general
British 13th Corps Keating, Geoffrey Bristol Beaufighter
British 30th Corps Killanin, Michael Morris, 3rd Baron Bristol Bombay
British Army Linklater, Eric Robert Russell Commanding Officer
British Broadcasting Corporation Moorehead, Alan McCrae Company
Central India Horse (21st King George V’s Own Horse) Mowrer, Richard Scott Compass
Chicago Daily News Reynolds, Quentin James Cordite
Chicago Sun Times Ritchie, Sir Neil Methuen Corned beef
Chicago Tribune Rommel, Erwin Johannes Eugen Corps
Daily Express Ronnie Noble Cruiser Tank
Daily Herald Salusbury, Frederic Hamilton Piozzi Crusader Tank
Daily Mail Vanderson, William Curtiss P-40 Warhawk (Tomahawk)
Fascist Party Vereker, John Standish Surtees Prendergast, 6th Viscount Gort Daimler Dingo
German 15th Panzer Division Ward, Edward Henry Harold Defensive fighting position
German 21st Panzer Division Dive-bomber
Greek Army Division
Green Howards (Alexandra, Princess of Wales’s Own Yorkshire Regiment) Echelon Formation
Italian 132nd Armoured Division Ariete Fiat G.50
Italian 17th Infantry Division Pavia Fiat-Ansaldo M13/40 Tank
Italian 25th Infantry Division Bologna Fighter
Italian Bersaglieri Core Flare Guns
Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke AG Flare
King Own Royal Regiment (Lancaster) Full general
Kings Dragoon Guards Garrison
Luftwaffe General Staff Intelligence
Māori Battalion Gunners
Movietone News Hawker Hurricane
New York Times Humber Light Reconnaissance Car
Paramount Pictures Individual Compass Error
Polish Independent Carpathian Rifle Brigade Infantry tank
Reuters Infantry
Royal Air Force Junkers Ju 87 or Stuka
Royal Artillery Laager
Royal Australian Air Force Latrine
Royal East Kent Regiment (The Buffs) Light Aid Detachment
Royal Engineers Line of communication
Royal Sussex Regiment Machine gun
The Daily Telegraph Major
Toronto Star Martin Maryland
U.S. Naval Reserve Medium Equipment Transporter
United Press International Messerschmitt Bf 109
Universal Studios Military Glider
War Office Military Transport Vehicle
Naval fleet
Panzer III Tank
Prisoner of war
QF 25-pounder field gun
Reconnaissance Aircraft
Sparrow’s cough
Thompson submachine gun
Tommy Atkins (Tommy)