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NameManpower, The Story of Britain's Mobilisation for War
CategoryProduction at Home
DepartmentMinistry Of Information
Issued Fornone
Published May/1944
Size13.5 x 21
DescriptionThis book describes how Britain's workforce was tranformed to match the requirements of a war-time economy. It describes how emergency legistration was enacted to effectively make Britain into a form of man-power dictatorship to allow the workforce to be fully controlled to use the people in the most efficient way for the needs of the country. It was carried out with full agreement of all parties including the Unions in a way that attempted to fit into the existing democratic principles of the country in regard to fairness, welfare and wages. An open-ended regulation, number 58A, allowed for any number of future statutary orders to be issued to control any aspects of man-power in any way that the government wished.
Organisations referenced
People referenced
Glossary referenced
Admiralty Attlee, Clement Arsenal
Air Ministry Bevin, Ernest Billet
Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Bragg, Sir William Lawrence Blackout (wartime)
Amalgamated Engineering Union Churchill, Winston Bomber
Auxiliary Fire Service Göring, Hermann Wilhelm Bren Gun
Belgium Army Greene, Wilfred Arthur, 1st Baron Greene Christadelphians
Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) Hankey, Maurice Pascal Alers, 1st Baron Hankey Colonel
Board of Trade Hitler, Adolf Concentration camp
British Broadcasting Corporation Reynaud,Paul Conditions of Employment and National Arbitration Order S.R. & O. 1940/1305 (July 18)
British Employers’ Confederation Simon, John Allsebrook, 1st Viscount Simon Control of Employment (Notice of Termination of Employment) Order S.R. & O. 1943/1173 (August 10)
British War Relief Society Weygand, Maxime Defence Regulation 58A
Civil Defence Service Division
Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts Emergency Powers (Defence) Act, 1940
Engineering and Allied Employers’ National Federation Essential Work Orders
Entertainments National Service Association (ENSA) Fellow of the Royal Society
Factory and Welfare Advisory Board Full general
Factory and Welfare Department Garrison
Factory Inspectorate Military Medal
Fire Brigade Military Training Act, 1939
Gestapo Mine
Home Guard National Service (No. 2) Act, Dec 1941
Home Office National Service Act, 1939
House of Commons of the United Kingdom Panzer
Institute of Labour Management Press-gang
Joint Universities Council for Social Studies Radar
London Passenger Transport Board Registration for Employment Order S.R. & O. 1941/368 (March 15)
Luftwaffe Schedule of Reserved Occupations
Merchant Navy Sergeant
Ministry of Food Shell
Ministry of Health Supermarine Spitfire
Ministry of Labour Tank
Ministry of Production The Building and Civil Engineering (Restriction on Transfer Order) S.R. & O. 1941/2068 (December 18)
Ministry of Supply The Employment of Women (Control of Engagement) Order S.R. & O. 1943/142 (February22)
National Arbitration Tribunal The Undertakings (Restriction on Engagement) Order S.R. & O. 1940/877 (June 5)
National Maritime Board U-boat
National Union of General and Municipal Workers Utility furniture
National Union of Railwaymen
Nazi Party
Royal Air Force
Royal Ordnance Factory
Seamen’s Welfare Board
Trades Union Congress
Transport and General Workers’ Union
Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF)
Women’s Auxiliary Services
Women’s Consultative Committee
Women’s Voluntary Service
Young Women’s Christian Association